(viewed from the left side)

Starting position: Stand with heels together, toes a little apart, weight evenly distributed on both feet and knees slightly bent, arms slightly curved at your sides with palms facing backward.

1. Sink your weight onto right foot and lift left heel slightly off the ground as you turn upper body to the right and begin to move left arm in an arc forward and right arm in an arc behind you palms facing downward.

2. Shift weight to left foot and raise right heel slightly as you raise left arm upward until fingertips point diagonally forward and upward and at the same time begin to turn upper body forward as you bend your right elbow and begin to move it forward.

3. Form a Tzadi by lifting your right knee until thigh is horizontal to the earth and by tilting your head slightly forward and aligning your right upper arm along side it so right elbow points diagonally forward and up and right fingertips point diagonally up and backward with right wrist straight so right hand is an extension of right forearm.

4. Lift head upright, lower right leg to ground, lower elbows in front of chest, and cross wrists with left arm outside in front of neck, palms facing body.

5. Sink weight onto right foot and lift left heel slightly as you continue lowering elbows and turn palms so they face each other as if forming a bud.

6. Continue lowering arms in front of body with wrists crossed until hands are about waist height.

7. Let arms slowly separate to the sides and turn palms toward the back with a circular motion until fingertips point toward the earth as you lower left heel to the ground.

8. Repeat full sequence starting with the opposite hand and foot; then repeat eight more times on each side.

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