(viewed from the left side)

Starting position: Stand with heels together, toes a little apart, weight evenly distributed on both feet and knees slightly bent, arms slightly curved at your sides with palms facing backward.

1.Sink weight onto right foot and place left foot to your left side so your feet are hip width apart with left toes pointing forward; then distribute weight evenly on both feet keeping knees slightly bent and arms slightly curved at your sides with palms facing backward, and adjust right toes so feet are parallel.

2. Bend knees slightly as you bring your hands back-to-back in front of body.

3.Turn fingertips inward toward body and then upward in a circular motion.

3. Straighten your knees slightly as you continue raising arms upward and turn palms toward each other, then forward with thumbs and tips of forefingers touching.

4.When the backs of your hands are in front of face raise your arms up and outward as if starting a dive and dip your head between your arms.

5.Arch forward and downward with your extended arms and bend your knees as you bend over vertebra by vertebra and lower fingertips toward the ground.

6.Just before reaching the ground, point fingertips forward so palms face the ground and straighten your knees until they are only slightly bent.

7.Form a Tav with head between arms, crown toward the earth.

8.Bend your knees and point fingertips upward toward the sky as you raise your arms upward in an arc.

9. Straigthen your knees slightly as you continue to raise your arms and bring your body and head to an upright position.

10.When the backs of your hands are in front of your face, turn your palms first toward each other, then toward you, then outward toward the sides so your hands are back-to-back, fingertips pointing toward the sky, and begin to lower your arms slowly.

11.When fingertips are at waist height, let arms separate to the sides, keeping elbows lightly bent, and turn palms toward the back in a wavelike motion so they come to rest a few inches out from your sides.

12.Repeat the sequence eight more times from Step (2), ending the last sequence by shifting your weight to right foot and bringing left heel next to right heel with toes slightly apart as you do Step (11) and then balancing your weight evenly on both feet as hands come to resting position at your sides.



Tav tells about healing the earth,
Energy rising though legs, across rounded back,
And down arms to a place where healing hands
Are having a conversation with God
As they hover just above earth's skin.
This energy, first felt within the solid base
Of a broad stance when knees dip and rise
And back-to-back hands roll inward and upward,
Directs the palms to turn forward until, side-by-side,
They dive down in acknowledgment of earth's pull.
Knees then bend so deeply that hands
Must scoop forward to avoid a crash.
A Tav emerges when knees rise once more,
Connecting in a strong vertical line
Firmly planted heels to power-filled back,
Which in its turn sends a healing current
Down hanging arms to receptive palms.
Lowered head encourages reflection about the past
And renewed humility about the future.
A second deep bend and rise sends
Palms rebounding upward in a sweeping arc
While feet pressed firmly against the earth
Allow the spine to gradually uncurl and head arise.
Slowly descending back-to-back hands
Help the body to integrate life's most recent message,
And when side foot joins its mate as hands reach their home
The heart fills with courage to walk the healer's path
Till the end of time.

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