Yehudit Goldfarb's
A Path for Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

"Otiyot Khayyot is a structured movement form based on the Hebrew Alef-Bet. It brings us to our roots, both physical and spiritual. All the movements are flowing and gentle and bring serenity to both mover and observer.

"The movements are performed in a standing position and use the whole body. Emphasis is given to opening the joints and working on body awareness through balance, coordination, and correct posture. The breath follows the movements and gives them their rhythm, thus enhancing the meditative nature of the movements and providing an integration of body, mind, and soul. This movement form is valuable at any age. It is accessible to both children and the elderly and can be easily adapted for people with physical limitations.

"Hidden within the Hebrew letters are symbols and stories which carry us back to our spiritual sources, including the teachings of Kabbalah. By using the Otiyot Khayyot to write in movement phrases from the Torah and Siddur, the verbal teachings of our tradition become alive in a non-verbal way, and our understanding of our Jewish roots is deepened. Yehudit Goldfarb's Hebrew Letter Movements are indeed living letters giving forth life energy."

---- Nira Ne'eman, ADTR, dance therapist and head of the Movement Department at the Oranim School of Education in Israel, co-author with Leah Bartal of The Metaphoric Body: Guide to Expressive Therapy through Images and Archetypes (Bristol, Pennsylvania: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 1994) and Movement Awareness and Creativity (San Francisco: Harper and Row, 1976).

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