Otiyot Hayyot

The Otiyot Hayyot are a series of gentle, flowing movments based on the shape of the Hebrew letters created by T'ai Chi master and spiritual philosopher Yehudit Goldfarb.

By relaxing the body, calming the emotions, clearing the mind, and centering the spirit, they enhance the mover's sense of well-being and provide a gateway to creativity.

How do you spell it? As with any transliterated language, there are many options: Otiyot can also be Otiot. Hayyot (notice the underline), can also be Khayyot or Chayyot or Hayyot or Hayot or Chayot!

Otiyot Khayyot; Living Letters Some Letters

Dance of the Nikudot

Why the Hebrew Letters

Discovering the Otiyot

Nira Ne'eman talks about the Otiyot

Levels of Understanding

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